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Ottawa Spinal Therapy Clinic
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We offer spinal manipulation and massage therapy services to our clients which focus on providing pain and symptom relief for:

neck and back pain


motor vehicle accident victims

sports injuries

stress relief, deep tissue and craniosacral massage therapy
Spinal Manipulation
Massage Therapy
Dr. Boyd is a physician with additional training in “osteopathic” medicine and has been performing osteopathic manipulation since 1984.
Osteopathic manipulation is a type of physical therapy that often provides long-term relief from painful conditions in the back, neck, legs and arms.  It is safe, fast and effective.  This treatment is similar in some ways to chiropractic treatment, but is performed by physicians.  This branch of medicine is common in the USA and much of the western world.
Most back and neck pains (and some arm and leg pains) are caused by an imbalance in muscle tone, alignment and movement in and near the back and neck.  Manipulation is by far the most successful way to relieve these imbalances.
Massage therapy can provide both short and long term health benefits and can be used on it’s own as treatment or in combination with spinal therapy.