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Spinal Manipulation
Spinal Manipulation
Benefits of Spinal Manipulation
Osteopathic manipulation is a type of physical therapy that often provides long-term relief from painful conditions in the back, neck, legs and arms.  It is safe, fast and effective.  This treatment is similar in some ways to chiropractic treatment, but is performed by physicians. This branch of medicine is common in the USA and much of the western world.
Most back and neck pains (and some arm and leg pains) are caused by an imbalance in muscle tone, alignment and movement in and near the back and neck.  Manipulation is by far the most successful way to relieve these imbalances.
We use two types of manipulation
High velocity manoeuvres create a popping sound from the spine and and similar to chiropractic “adjustments.  This can be intimidating, but can provide excellent, rapid relief. All high velocity manipulation is performed by Dr. Boyd.
Muscle energy manoeuvres are a series of simple isometric techniques done by the therapist and patient together.
Either or both types of treatment may be used depending on the circumstances and on personal preference; usually it is best to do both.
What to expect
Manipulation is sometimes painful but this is rarely a big problem.  These procedures are extremely safe.  Some of the manoeuvres are awkward but everyone can learn to do them. Contrary to popular belief, x-rays are almost never useful for diagnosis.
A standard initial course of treatment involves coming to the office for manipulation once a week for up to six weeks.  Often this is enough, but treatment can be continued longer if necessary.  A session of treatment takes 20 - 30 minutes.  A treatment is not intended to be long-term, although the results are!  Any clothing works, but loose clothing will be easier for you.
Fee Structure
There is a charge to Ontario residents of $45 to $50 per treatment. Your costs will usually be reimbursed by your supplementary health insurance plan.  Dr. Boyd fits the definition of “osteopath” under most insurance plans.